Flóki Young Malt Sheep Dung Smoke

Our Sheep Dung Smoked Reserve is a truly unique smoked malt. Here we apply an old traditional Icelandic smoking style using sheep dung to smoke the barley.

For centuries, Icelanders used this smoking method to preserve food and heat houses;  to this day it is used for traditional food preparation and Icelandic malt crafting. 

The result is truly a unique whisky with a complex flavor profile. Sweet smoky notes compliment the intense flavor of the Icelandic barley and a rich, lingering aftertaste that brings you back to the farm you worked on decades ago.

This young malt is handcrafted and produced from 100% Icelandic barley, and smoked using traditional Icelandic methods and materials. It is a single barrel whisky aged in selected new oak barrels for 2 years under the base of mount Hekla.

Flóki Sheep Dung Smoked Icelandic Young Malt is available at the Duty Free Store in Keflavík, most liquor stores in Iceland and through our distributors world wide.